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Gary Bascom with his cutting boards.

Gary Bascom has worked for the quarry for 23 years, and currently holds the position of Safety Director.  His passion for the stone has lead to his business that includes assisting sculptors, and others in finding the right stone for their needs.
  • Sculpture stone
  • Yard and landscape stone
  • Cutting boards
  • Steps and entry areas
  • Memorial or headstones
  • Memorial or garden benches
  • Gifts
  • Souvenirs
  • Specialty projects
  • Quarry and stone information

Speciality projects include:

Inside the store.

  • Making 40 sets of bookends for the SW Conference of the Supreme Court Justices as gifts for attendance at the Conference held in Colorado.
  • Cutting  1,000+ cubes of marble used on Lionel historic limited edition train cars for collectors
  • Benches used in landscape settings

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much does marble weigh?170 lbs per cubic ft.
  • What is the price for marble?Marble is sold by size, quality, and availability.
  • How do I figure how much the piece(s) that I need weigh?Measure in inches:   width x height x length = Total.Divide total by 1728 to get cubic ft x 170 per cubic ft = approximate weight.Example:  12” x 24” x 12” =  3456 divided by 1728 = 2 cu ft x 170 = 340 lbs.

Some of the lovely handcrafted souveniers available for purchase.

Gary will help you select and load heavier selections.
Business is open from the time snow melts in the spring, until the ground is covered in the fall (May thru October).
Specialty projects completed in winter months.
Shipping on gift items only.
No shipping on larger blocks.  Freight must be arranged by client. It is recommended to call for appointment.


Gary Bascom in his yard with uncut pieces of marble.

Directions:  I-70 to Glenwood Springs.  South on Hwy 82 for 15 miles (towards Aspen).   Carbondale turn-off = Hwy 133.  Stay on Hwy 133 for 22 miles, right turn on County Road 3 (Marble).  Stay on County Road 3 for 6 miles until you come into Marble.  Stop sign at the Fire Station, look left.