• Are there jeep tours to Crystal and the Lead King Basin?

Yes, contact Crystal River Jeep Tours at (970) 963.1991.

  • Can we get a piece of marble in Marble?

Yes, for information contact Abstract Marble, Kimberly Perrin at 963-9815 or Gary Bascom at (970) 963.1318.

  • Are quarry tours available?

No.  Tours may be available in the future.  Compliance with the increased restrictions and requirements from the Mining Safety Health Administration (MSHA) must be met by all visitors.  The quarry is an underground operation – you cannot see it as you would an open pit.

  • Is the walking path still available to view quarry operations from the top?

Sorry, that would be a no again. THERE IS NO ACCESS TO THE QUARRY. The viewing area at the quarry is closed permanently due to dangerous conditions. Federal regulations prohibit public access to active mining property. Unauthorized persons who trespass onto quarry property will be prosecuted. The quarry will prosecute any person injured while on quarry property.

“Gunnison County announced their September 2, 2009 decision to close the trail that led to the viewing area at the quarry’s 3rd portal until August 31, 2010. Gunnison County holds the deeded right-of-way across quarry properties. Public is not allowed to use the trail. There is no access to view the quarry. Safety dictates no quarry tours.”

  • We’d like to ride our ATV’s up to Crystal this winter. Can we do that?

No. First, the trail is three feet deep in snow. Even if you took your snowmobiles, the jeep road to Crystal is fraught with avalanche chutes and chances are very good that you’d trigger an avalanche and end up dead.

  • We’re planning our vacation in April for springtime in the Rockies. Can we go hiking or horseback riding in April?

Most of the trails in Marble are still covered in snow, at least partially, and those that aren’t snow-covered are muddy. Springtime in the Rockies is mud season. OutWest Guides takes out rides through the winter on a ranch down by Carbondale.

  • Can I get to Crested Butte from here? Is Schofield Pass open?

Maybe. If Schofield Pass is open, yes, you can travel from Marble to Crested Butte, but only by mountain bike, dirt bike, ATV, horse, or a very good 4WD vehicle, and only in the summer. Part of the road is a 20% grade carved out of a rock cliff with a 300-foot drop to the river below. Quite often there are rock slides and snow slides blocking the road.

If you’re simply sightseeing and would be intimidated by a very difficult route, we suggest you take Kebler Pass to get to Crested Butte, but only in the summer and fall. The road is not plowed in the winter. Get back on Colorado 133, head south over McClure Pass, go past Paonia Reservoir, and at the bottom of the reservoir, go left past Crystal Springs. Proceed 8 or 10 miles up the gravel road to Kebler Pass, which is another 27 miles of gravel road (and spectacular scenery) to Crested Butte.

  • Can we bring our 40-foot motorhome to Marble? Are there septic and electrical hookups?

There are no electrical hookups at Bogan Flats, the USFS campground. There are no septic hookups at Bogan Flats. There’s only one campground in town, Meri Daes, and they don’t have septic hookups, though they do have a community restroom and shower.

  • Where can I park my ATV trailer?

Beaver Lake is probably the best spot. While you’re on your ATV, please drive carefully and respect other trail users—horseback riders, mountain bikers, and hikers.

  • Who do I call if there is any emergency or if I need to contact search and rescue?

If search and rescue emergency assistance is needed, call the Carbondale Fire Department at (970) 963.2491, the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office (970) 920-5310 or the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Department at (970) 641.8000. A call to 911 from Marble will contact a dispatcher in Carbondale or Glenwood, 30-45 miles away.

  • Where is the nearest pay phone?

The only pay phone in town is located at the Marble Fire Station, at the corner of Park and Third Streets. The only mail box is also located at the Fire Station.