Marble’s Local

Thumbs up for Marble’s one and only and the best restaurant!  Seriously folks, the food is to die for.

Restaurant & Catering

  • 101 west 1st street, Marble, CO 81623
  • Phone: (970) 963.4090
  • or visit our website at Slowgroovinbbq.com

In the spring of 2011, Ryan Vinciguerra became the owner of what is now known as Slow Groovin’ BBQ. He was looking for adventure, a great community, and a way to eat great BBQ.

Putting his vast knowledge, taste buds, and ambitious personality to use, Ryan thoughtfully created an inviting atmosphere for Marble’s locals and visitors. Hearing the locals’ call for a friendly and cost effective eatery, Ryan wasted no time in shaping a restaurant to suit those very needs. A warm dining room, sunny patio, friendly faces, and a kitchen & smoker that deliver free smells all day long! In search of more ways to live his dream, Ryan pursues catering as another means of involving himself in the community. So far, everything is going exceptionally groovy.

Although Ryan is capable of handling many tasks on his own, he appreciates the steady help from his partner, Karly Anderson, and the company of their son, Tobin Rowe Vinciguerra. Karly enjoyed designing the restaurant décor and cheerfully maintains the landscaping. She also loves getting to know the locals of Marble and spending cherished time with Tobin. Tobin, a handsome 14 month old baby boy, also enjoys all his new friends, smiling at each guest once he sees them. On busy days or nights, it’s likely that you’ll see Karly working with Tobin in a carrier on her back! Naturally, being the social butterfly he is, this is Tobin’s favorite place to be.

Together as a family, Ryan, Karly, and Tobin find themselves very happy serving friends and guests at their restaurant. Keeping their standards high and positive energy even higher, the quality of which they wish their guests to receive is nothing less than first-rate.