Marble Sculpting Symposium

Courtesy of Marble Institute of Colorado ©


The Marble Institute of Colorado is offering three marble sculpting sessions to sculptors who wish to create in a non-competitive atmosphere of sharing and camaraderie. Sculptors with various levels of experience and expertise in marble carving work on their individual pieces during each intense 8-day work session.

The Marble/marble worksite sits amongst stands of aspen, pine and tall Douglas firs along the Crystal River in Marble, Colorado. You’ll carve amidst marble blocks that were quarried 50-90 years ago – an inspiration for any sculptor. The stone for the sculpting symposium is Colorado Yule Marble which comes from the quarries located in Marble, Colorado, high in the Rockies near the ski resort of Aspen. The marble for the Lincoln Memorial, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and hundreds of other buildings, was quarried and finished here.

Courtesy of Marble Institute of Colorado ©

The Symposium supplies three cubic feet of marble (larger blocks and accessories are available at extra charge). Each day we will have an open forum covering all aspects of creating a stone sculpture, such as: moving, selecting and splitting stone; pointing up; direct carving; roughing out; finishing; use of power and hand tools; mounting sculpture; and general safety.

During the day the instructors will conduct uninterrupted working demonstrations. The opportunity for instruction will be available throughout the day to tailor a unique approach towards stone carving.