Ice Skating Winter visitors to Marble will be delighted to find an outdoor ice rink in Marble, situated at the Millsite Park next to the fire station.

The site of the ice rink is unusual, to say the least. Using public funding from the Town of Marble and the 21st Century Grant to the Marble Charter School, dedicated volunteers have built a hockey-sized outdoor rink between the pillars of the historic marble finishing mill. Sierra Minerals Corporation, the operator of the quarry, has donated a pump to suck water from the adjacent Crystal River to flood the rink, and Sierra Minerals also provides electricity for evening lighting.

The activities include skating clinics, evening family skates, open hockey for players of all ages, kids’ skating lessons, and advanced hockey. Students from the Marble Charter School use the rink for their physical education classes and for their hockey club.

Guests are asked to contribute an appropriate amount for their enjoyment of the rink.

The ice rink has no refrigeration system and relies on freezing weather for operation. Normally the rink is open by mid-December and is available for skating through February, depending on weather. Skaters are asked not to use the rink between 11 am and 2 pm on sunny days because the ice degrades quickly in bright sunshine.